The Best Black-Owned Alcohol Brands To Serve This Juneteenth

They deserve your coins.

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Du Nord Social Spirits
black-owned alcohol brands
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Honoring the official end of slavery in the United States in 1885, Juneteenth is a time-honored tradition that commemorates newly freed enslaved African Americans following the end of The Civil War (a major milestone that marks a day of independence and serves as the Black community’s very own, “July 4th.”) Standing for June 19, Juneteenth was officially made into a federal holiday after The Black Lives Matter movement raised global awareness of the holiday two years ago. And ever since, the day has been recognized on a global scale while serving as a festive time to celebrate with friends, family, and loved ones near and far. Think parades, cookouts, and barbeque galore- Juneteenth is more than just another day on the calendar. It serves as a day of hope and reflection not only for the past, but for what’s to come in the future for Black Americans in the U.S.

And though the day of partying and festivities has been around for centuries, it’s never too late to support Black-owned businesses, particularly alcohol brands, that are breaking barriers in lucrative industries for the upcoming holiday. Using the liquor and beverage industry as an example, the space is widely attributed to predominately white-male-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. With little to no recognition of Black mixologists, bartenders, and business owners, the liquor industry is brimming with Black professionals that are combatting conventional norms and taking up some much-needed space. From robust tequila to savory red wines, we’ve got you covered for that upcoming Juneteenth celebration with all of the Black-owned alcohol brands you need to know ... and try for yourself.

Hard Liquor Options

Tequila Reposado
Made with 100% pure Blue Weber agave, Lobo's Tequila Reposado has a perfectly robust flavor as a result of ruminating for six months in American white oak barrels.
Du Nord Social Spirits
Du Nord Prominence Gin
As America’s first legal Black distillery, Du Nord is mixing high-end craftsmanship with award-winning craft spirits. Using one of its award-winning gins as an example, “Prominence Gin,” is a remix of the classic London dry, but with a twist. Infused with Italian Juniper notes, a combination of citrus extracts, and ginger roots for an elevated taste, this palatable beverage can be served straight or with one of your favorite tonics for Juneteenth.
HH Spirits
HH Bespoke Rum
Reminiscent of rums produced during the 18th century, HH Bespoke Rum is aged in New American oak barrels giving off an extremely exuberant and enriching taste. With hints of butterscotch, vanilla, and exotic notes, HH Bespoke Rum is a timeless drink to serve your party guests.
LS Cream
LS Cream Liquor
LS Cream Liquor is the talk of the liquor century. Inspired by one of Haiti’s most iconic beverages known as “kremas,” LS Cream is mixed with coconut, cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg extracts for vibrant mouth-watering flavor.
Avila Añejo
Revel’s Avila Añejo is an extra smooth combination of tequila and mezcal. By utilizing the dual cooking methods of smoking and steaming agave, every sip of Avila Añejo evolves with complexity and provides a delicate finish to taste.


La Fête Wine Co
La Fête du Rosé
Founded by Donea Burston, La Fête du Rosé came to fruition at the world-famous Nikki Beach Club in Saint Tropez. One of his signature wines, Le Fête, is a premium pastel pink rose infused with dried fruit, bonbon, and hazelnut. Sourced directly from the Provence Appellations, La Fête is an ode to France and to all lovers of wine alike.
Ebony Wine & Spirits
Fusion Red Wine
Sourced from the heart of Napa Valley, Ebony Fusion Red Wine is hand-harvested with bright red fruits, floral top notes with spice, and a touch of oak. Paired with any and all dinner recipes, this delicious fusion red is the perfect dose of TLC and comfort for a weekend of fun.
Stuyvesant Champagne
Grand Reserve Brut
Soothing all of the senses with aroma and taste therapy, B. Stuyvesant’s Reserve Brut champagne has a pale golden color to the eye, a floral bouquet of roses to the nose, and a spicy palette of apple and gingerbread to the mouth.
McBride Sisters Wine Company
Black Girl Magic Riesling
Infused with ripe Riesling characteristics such as honey, apricot, and white flowers, Black Girl Magic’s Riesling is a spin-off of traditional. This intensely aromatic wine selection has a bright and flavorful sweet and sour finish that will leave your mouth watering.

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