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What is Pulse?

Companies are pursuing growth in a constantly changing and volatile business landscape. There’s no go-to playbook for executives. But you’re not alone. Other C-level executives and corporate board members are finding their way, too. Tapping into this collective intelligence can help you anticipate what’s next, see how you measure up and spark new ideas for growth. That’s what PwC’s Pulse Survey program is all about.

We regularly engage functional leaders from finance, marketing, human capital, technology, operations, risk and tax, as well as board members, on the pressing issues of the day, including their outlook on the business environment, new technologies and much more.

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Current survey

Finding opportunity in reinvention

In the face of an ever-changing business landscape, the latest Pulse Survey underscores the importance of continuous reinvention for survival. The survey reveals a sense of optimism around the ability to adapt and execute changes at scale, but the data also highlight some red flags when it comes to C-suite alignment on how to achieve their future company vision.

Despite an intensifying business risk landscape, executives recognize the need to change how they create, deliver and capture value, and their leaders are looking ahead to fully reinventing their business models.

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Finding opportunity in reinvention

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