Discover Aura: The technology platform that powers your financial statement audit

When audit technology and methodology are integrated through a single, powerful platform, the result is a quality, insightful and less burdensome audit. By combining people and the right technologies, we turn today’s ideas into tomorrow’s solutions.

We invite you to explore Aura, the cloud-based technology platform used on every PwC audit across the globe. Think of it as our audit ERP, where we build and execute the audit plan: right-sized for your business. Aura is the engine that powers The PwC audit. The audit benefits that you experience as a result:

  • Trust in a tailored audit
  • Insights into your business
  • Efficiency for you and us

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Aura enables your quality-first, tech-enabled audit experience.

Secure data acquisition and collaboration to power your audit

It all starts with secure, seamless data acquisition. Interfacing directly with you enables enhanced analysis, automation, and information exchange, all orchestrated using Aura. Leveraging our collaborative platform helps drive:

  • Precise risk assessment 
  • Transparent issues resolution
  • Thoughtful phasing

Collaboration functions let you see real-time status updates.

Audit risk assessment powered by enhanced analytics

Using their digital skills, technical knowledge, and professional judgment, our people perform dynamic risk assessments and robust population analysis. The result: A precise, data-driven audit using the full suite of analytical tools that integrate with Aura. The benefits to you:

  • Less time and stress for your team
  • Fewer one-off requests
  • Automated data retrieval

Keys to better audit risk assessment

Data-led risk analysis

Smart mapping of controls and accounts

Powerful data visualization

Audit execution: efficient and customized

Powerful tech, custom automations, centers of excellence, and audit experience all come together through Aura, allowing us to streamline testing and focus on complex, judgmental areas while timely resolving issues. The benefits to you:

  • Richer, data-driven insights 
  • Deeper industry perspectives
  • Data clarity through visualizations

Analytics help look at your business in a deeper, more intuitive way.

Audit innovation: From the top down and the bottom up

We take a dual approach to delivering innovation on your audit starting at the top, with a business-led commitment to investing $1 billion in audit technology over the next five years. We’ve also digitally upskilled our people to develop and share automations from the bottom up, using Digital Lab to drive innovation customized to your audit. What you experience:

As a result:

  • Smarter audit approach
  • More effective audit technology

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What analyst firm IDC said about Aura

In a recent analyst spotlight, IDC examined the trends reshaping the audit industry and how firms need to meet the challenges raised by a post-pandemic reality. According to the IDC Spotlight,

“PwC, via its Aura platform, has demonstrated a commitment to placing innovation at the center of both its employee experience and its client experience. As a result, PwC ... should be on the short list of any enterprise looking for an auditing services provider that has crafted an experience built upon a modern digital platform.”

Source: IDC Spotlight, sponsored by PwC, Leveraging Technology to Deliver Auditing Insights (March 2022, #US48909422)

Experience the Aura difference

We invite you to learn more about how Aura is powering The PwC audit. Contact us to discuss the difference that our audit technology solutions can deliver for your company.



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