Digital transformation: ERP and other financial systems

We can help manage the risks of transformation with ERP that builds trust

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Implementing an ERP system can unlock new opportunities for your company and place real-time, synthesized data in the hands of your employees. That’s powerful! But with that power comes risk—risk associated with program delivery, internal controls, security, data and integrations. PwC can help you identify and mitigate those risks before, during and after implementation to pave the way for a smooth transition.

So how do you get from here to there and reap the benefits along the way? We can help you:
  • Transform your program with structure and accountability to drive success
  • Convert and integrate your data to improve efficiency and reporting
  • Secure your processes and controls to achieve regulatory compliance
  • Develop a plan to proactively respond to potential risks before deployment

PwC can help you assess the big picture as you get started, identify risks and provide recommendations in every aspect of your digital transformation.

How can you benefit from pre- and post-implementation reviews?

Early identification of potential blind spots and risks

Insight into leading practice system and control optimization and automation opportunities

Ability to pinpoint potential data strategy and data modeling risks

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Todd Bialick

Todd Bialick

US Digital Assurance and Transparency Leader, PwC US

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Dustin Osgood

Digital Assurance and Transparency Partner, PwC US

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