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Together, the academic community and PwC, play an invaluable role in the future of our profession. Our combined knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm shape the minds of our future professionals. The more we learn from each other, the more knowledge we share, the better prepared future professionals will be and the stronger our relationship will become. We look forward to our continued collaboration as you equip your students for the exciting challenges ahead.

Investing in higher education

PwC is committed to supporting academia and the development of professionals of the future. Through Responsible Business Leadership, our people act on their purpose by supporting nonprofits, schools and students where we can help make a difference, such as addressing social justice causes and helping close the opportunity gap.


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Be Well, Work Well

Be Well, Work Well is about everyday behaviors and intentional habit-forming that help fuel our six dimensions of well-being — physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial and social — which are proven drivers of performance, fulfillment and engagement.

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Building on a Culture of Belonging

PwC is made up of 55,000 people of different races, ethnicities, genders, backgrounds, religions and beliefs. As a purpose-led and values-driven organization, we’re using the talent and resources of PwC to be a voice for change.

Human-led and tech-powered

As technology’s power and pervasiveness continues to increase, so have our opportunities to change the world. When our better selves and the greatest aspects of technology are brought together, there is no opportunity too great for us to achieve. This is how we’re turning today’s ideas into tomorrow’s solutions.

At PwC, we continually innovate to discover how technology can help solve complex business challenges, build trust and identify new opportunities — not only for ourselves, but for our clients and communities. Explore our tech resources below:

Thought leadership

Data driven: What students need to succeed in a rapidly evolving business world

How can we best prepare students for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead—and ready them for careers in professional services? 

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Take on Tomorrow

Tackling the big issues of today to get you thinking about what’s next.

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Creating the Future Workforce Today

Companies and academic institutions have a shared responsibility, as well as economic and social incentives, to help close the digital talent gap and build a workforce that is ready for the future.

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