PwC Technology

As a human-led, tech-powered community of solvers, technology is at the heart of everything we do. Our products and services are built on over 170 years of experience. Whether you are reinventing your business model or going through a technology transformation, we deliver problems solved.

Alliances and ecosystems

At PwC, our alliance relationships offer a new equation to accelerate breakthrough outcomes. How? We tech up your strategy, innovating unique solutions that help simplify your systems and amplify your results. We listen carefully, work collaboratively and curate an ecosystem of people who power possibility. Our community of solvers goes deep with both our alliance relationships and clients, all to help you switch on outcomes.

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Cloud and digital

What does transformation truly mean? At PwC, we understand the need to anticipate and navigate change. The possibilities are endless in an environment of constant advancement in digital and cloud-based technologies. With our combined industry and engineering expertise, you can weave technology throughout your business strategy to create something unique, drive growth and reach your destination more quickly.

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Delivery platforms

Our technology platforms are designed to help you increase collaboration and efficiency, securely share information, respond to requests and work with your PwC engagement team all in one place. It’s how human-led, tech-powered solutions can help improve teaming.  

Emerging technology

Emerging technologies are changing how work gets done and how business takes place. Blockchain, augmented reality and virtual reality and other technologies are rapidly reshaping our world, reinventing business models and evolving at breaking speeds. PwC is helping clients put these technologies to work to deliver human-led and tech-powered solutions that drive sustained outcomes, including through a $1B investment over the next three years to help clients reimagine their businesses through the power of generative AI.


Our community of solvers has a long history of figuring out some of the world’s most important problems. They bring diverse perspectives, curiosity and ingenuity to every challenge, asking the right questions to deliver human-led, tech-powered products made for your specific needs.

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Tech-enabled services

Our digital assets help our human-led, tech-powered community of solvers deliver more quickly and consistently across client engagements. They are built on our own technology know-how and to enhance the technologies of our Alliance partners. 

Tech Effect

Tech Effect is PwC’s digital guide to growth in a people-led, tech-powered world. It's your one stop to get all of PwC’s latest insights about how technology is driving change — helping companies to operate more efficiently, better serve customers, develop their workforce, build trust and generate new revenue. You'll find explainers, articles, case studies, podcasts and in-depth reports covering the latest topics like generative AI, extended reality and cloud engineering.

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