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Chemicals industry trends

Data-driven innovation is enabling companies to understand their operations' sustainability and decarbonize their business models. The potential of green hydrogen to reduce carbon emissions is another significant trend, offering opportunities for cross-sector collaboration and acquisitions of innovative startups.

Cross-industry collaboration is accelerating innovation and helping companies achieve net-zero goals. The chemicals sector is driving sustainability across the global supply chain through ESG-driven innovation, reducing industry waste, and enabling greater product recovery and recycling. This is moving businesses and end consumers closer to net zero, increasing product durability, and aiding industries in complying with evolving carbon and waste regulations.

As global net zero efforts intensify, the chemicals sector is reshaping its product portfolio through mergers, acquisitions, and corporate venturing. This is helping companies access new technologies, expand into new business models, and capture growth opportunities. Concurrently, divestment of carbon-intensive assets is reducing companies' carbon emissions and exposure to climate and regulatory risks.

PwC helps turn sustainability theory into real-world action, through human-led, tech-powered solutions that help create a more sustainable business …and a stronger planet.

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Sarah Rodriguez

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