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Shape "the new" and drive growth with the transformative power of cloud engineering. Our deep engineering experience and end-to-end offerings fuel your growth agenda, extracting tangible value and driving innovation at scale. Migrate data and workloads, modernize infrastructure and applications, and accelerate idea realization through cutting-edge cloud-native software development. By embracing cutting-edge challenges, we harness business acumen and innovative technology to empower the industry leaders of tomorrow in building the future.

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Innovators, problem solvers, and trusted collaborators

PwC is on the forefront of technology solutions, solving the hardest bleeding edge problems across industries. As a top destination for world-class engineering talent, we foster innovation, empower collaboration, and unite diverse talents to amplify our collective impact.

Cloud engineering services for your industry's biggest challenges

We are your end-to-end collaborator, deploying cloud engineering services targeting your industry's biggest challenges and opportunities to drive business reinvention — opening up new paths to growth and innovation.

Asset & Wealth Management

Featured offering:

Unlock the power of your ERP data through cross-platform analytics
Enable seamless support for client acquisition, targeting, reporting, and communications, while enhancing cross-selling efficiency, visibility, and transparency across product and asset classes. Our cloud engineering offering implements master data management in the cloud to integrate data from existing, disparate systems to achieve these business outcomes.

Banking & Capital Markets

Featured offering:

Cloud transformation operating model
In order to overcome legacy system constraints and unclear cloud migration requirements, leverage our multidimensional engineering approach to accelerate cloud adoption. By seamlessly integrating advanced architecture, data capabilities, and cybersecurity, we help enable value extraction across the customer journey and federated migration.

Consumer Markets

Featured offering:

Leverage automation to uncover real-time analytic insights
Our cloud-enabled data and analytics platform delivers near real-time insights improving margins and operational efficiency. By leveraging advanced data, analytics and AI capabilities along with our comprehensive suite of engineering services, we enable retailers to harness the full potential of their data estate and create better customer experiences.

Modern data platform ​enabled by ERP+ 
Improve margins and operational efficiency with our strategic cloud-enabled platform. Connect existing data with new sources, leveraging pre-built ERP data modernization architectures, industry-specific models, and use cases for consistent outcomes and new insights. Drive continuous innovation through our data factory playbook and pre-built layers, reports, and dashboards.


Energy, Utilities & Resources

Featured offering:

Discover utilities insights​ using data modernization
Meet shareholder performance expectations through strategic integration of field operations, customer and financial data, driving innovation, operational excellence, compliance, reliability, and an elevated customer experience. Our engineering offering leverages data to enhance models and processes, delivering a fully modernized data environment on a pre-built toolkit that provides deep insights and analytics and long-term value.

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Health Industries

Featured offering:

Reimagining experiences through modernization & migration
Empower data-driven decisions and improve patient experiences through our modernization and migration offering. We deliver Epic implementations on cloud, enabling application and data modernization, cloud migration, and native cloud app development. This streamlines operations, reduces costs, enhances security, and allows you to prioritize patient and clinician outcomes.

Digital healthcare integration
Experience improved operational efficiency, increased revenue, and enhanced patient and provider experiences through streamlined processes and modernized IT infrastructure. Our industry expertise and technical accelerators empower companies to modernize outdated integrations for real-time data access. Through our integration "build factory" process, we ensure rapid, scalable delivery, while our repository of digital assets covers the full integration project lifecycle.

Industrial products

Featured offering:

Improve performance through automation
Address operational disruptions and build an effective digital supply chain strategy. Through insights via modern digital technologies, improve availability, performance and quality of your manufacturing process. This offering combines data across multiple source systems to create a unified dashboard — enabling data flow automation, machine learning and AI.


Featured offering:

Deliver real-time finance insights
Gain faster and richer insights into your business by combining and unlocking the power of your finance, actuarial, investment and risk data. An advanced, AI-driven insight offering leverages master data management, reporting and analytics to help make better, faster decisions and deliver the data needed to support LDTI and IFRS 17.

Industry cloud for insurance

Digital experience enablement
Our offering provides a modern digital experience and cloud-native API layer that facilitates real-time transactions across legacy and modern platforms for agents, brokers, employers, and employees. Alongside an MVP Portal equipped with customer-centric features and supported by PwC's Testing Center of Excellence, we elevate customer satisfaction, agility, and operational capabilities, while also reducing operating expenses by phasing out bespoke portals.

Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

Featured offering:

Clinical Trial Design enabled by AI-driven insights and intelligent automation
With our integrated clinical trial design capabilities, including pre-built data ingestion pipelines, AI models, and an intuitive user experience, we enable intelligent automation and insights generation throughout the clinical development lifecycle. Our accelerators effectively reduce trial costs, minimize patient burden, and expedite product and service launches.

Private Equity

Featured offering:

Accelerate design decisions and unlock value faster
Support PortCos from design to execution, decrease time to stand up operations, and enhance agility to support new systems and applications. This cloud foundation, migration and security offering minimizes Transitional Service Agreement (TSA) timelines that can ultimately reduce the deal value leakage.

Technology, Media and Telecommunications

Featured offerings:

  • Exceed customers’ expectations through the power of AI and data modernization
    Enhance guest experiences and drive customer loyalty by merging digital and physical experiences with dynamic digital representations of physical spaces. Our engineering offering integrates data, analytics and IoT technology for real-time insights enabling companies to understand customer identities, drive revenue, and operate sustainably and securely.
  • Empower customer insights with secure, collaborative cloud spaces using clean rooms technology
    Navigate complex privacy regulations and collaborate in a private and secure environment to unlock advertising innovation. By integrating data modernization, insights and integration solutions, companies can accelerate product development and improve campaign planning and measurement — unlocking enhanced, personalized consumer experiences.

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Transform your business with cloud engineering

With our cutting-edge cloud engineering capabilities, we empower businesses to unleash the full value out of the cloud, driving accelerated growth and unlocking new opportunities for transformation beyond cloud migration.

Cenk OzdemirPwC Cloud & Digital Leader, PwC US

Powering your business with our engineering backbone

Engineering is at the heart of digital reinvention. We specialize in eight distinct engineering services delivered by our skilled engineering pods. With consistent delivery maps, methodologies, and cutting-edge tools, we can empower you on that journey.

Application modernization

We help organizations upgrade their legacy systems to take advantage of ideal-fit cloud-based platforms and modern technologies in support of business goals. Our application modernization solutions rebuild your existing systems with new cloud-native architecture and advanced data capabilities, delivering superior business and customer experiences. Using our modernization framework, we analyze, redesign, automate, and transform your systems to unlock innovation and agility.

Artificial Intelligence & data modernization

Elevate your business with our AI-driven data modernization services. We seamlessly transition legacy databases to cutting-edge platforms, unlocking advanced capabilities. Harness the power of generative AI to supercharge your operations. Leverage data lakes and analytics for smarter decision-making, optimized time, and increased efficiency.

Accelerate time to market with our automated cloud-native platform. Build data-driven apps, integrations, analytics, and AI-driven solutions where data is a large component of the application.

Cloud foundations

Our Cloud Foundations solutions provide secure, scalable, and optimized environments for organizations to run their workloads. We leverage automation, infrastructure as code, and DevOps processes to standardize environment setups, making them repeatable and freeing up developers to write code. With our specialist guidance on necessary components and standards, plus a library of reusable code assets, we can help accelerate your build out. Our blueprints and infrastructure as code confirm stable foundations and enable automation, while our tech-enabled solutions help control and monitor costs, increase efficiency, and maintain strict security and governance controls.

Cloud migration factory

We help you create a solid blueprint for cloud migration by itemizing dependencies and relocating hardware, software, and data. Our Center of Excellence employs a factory line approach for predictability, parallelism, automation, and engineering specialization. Our team of DevOps engineers standardize your app architecture using cloud design patterns and set up self-sustaining cloud-native services and automated governance. Our tech-enabled solutions can help produce and disposition applications appropriately based on your business needs for modernization.

Cloud native application development

Redesign digital platforms and build applications, AI/ML, and data analytics solutions. We use human-centered design, quality-focused automation, and domain experience. Our offerings include full-stack development, experience engineering, and emerging technology applications, driving efficiency through pre-built components and increased productivity.

Innovation & prototyping

We deliver a wide range of innovative prototyping capabilities, resulting in functional prototype(s) or proof of concept(s) used to inform business decisions. These labs allow us to bring key stakeholders together in a fast paced, experience center environment where we are able to demonstrate, and not just talk about, the art of the possible with cloud engineering services and methods.

Integration platforms

Integration platforms increase automation, security, and competitive advantages, while reducing costs. Our API-Led Integration strategy connects technologies with reusable API services, enabling quick information sharing. We tailor our Digital Integration Core Capabilities to your integration maturity and provide recommendations. Our services include implementing middleware, API gateways, and multi-cloud integration solutions with tech-enabled solutions to help mitigate risks, manage performance, and reduce costs.

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Operational engineering

As technology continues to evolve faster than ever, it's imperative businesses provide their teams with the tools to help make faster, more informed decisions. Our suite of engineering tech-enabled solutions can provide your organization with the power to initiate on-demand testing, create low-code/no-code testing solutions for automation, dashboards for a single-source of tracking – increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.

Cloud Intelligence

Accelerate digital transformation and time to market, reduce overhead and empower business journey creation with PwC’s cloud-agnostic platform for seamless connectivity across new and legacy systems.

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An unmatched ecosystem of collaborators

Building your future with the right technology to drive innovation

We collaborate with a vast ecosystem of industry leading cloud providers to jointly deliver solutions – helping clients increase the opportunities the cloud offers. Learn more about our core alliances that are essential to driving our engineering capabilities.

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