Operations transformation

Harness new technology to reimagine your business, build resilience, and accelerate outcomes

Build resilience through operational transformation

Operations teams are not only facing the traditional challenges of increasing efficiency, delivering on customer expectations and supporting expansion, but have the added challenges of navigating worker shortages, mitigating supply chain disruption and developing longer-term resilience strategies to enable future revenue. At the same time, operations leaders are taking ownership of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors to confirm that operations are done sustainably and responsibly. As COOs reimagine existing systems and processes to drive business transformation and sustained outcomes, they are looking at new digital capabilities to help drive efficiencies, future-proof their organization, and deliver top-line growth.

Elevate operations performance with cloud-based analytics, connected devices, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence and other technologies.

Transformation process: Align, innovate, release, evolve

The operations function has evolved significantly as technology has advanced, as the pandemic and other factors have put pressure on supply chains and as ESG has become a value driver. Organizations that were designed ten or even two years ago might not be the most effective way forward as these new considerations create impact. Transformative change and a willingness to collaborate across functions are vital for the new way forward. To achieve this, we apply an agile-like approach:

PwC operations consulting can help you:

  • Align: Because every engagement is different, it’s critical at the start of any effort to create the right goals and objectives, including who is going to be involved, what outcomes we are driving toward and how we'll measure them. We will challenge you to pull together a team and clear objectives that will deliver solutions needed to solve complex problems, while making sure you're aligned from a purpose/mission standpoint.

  • Innovate: Innovation brings to life bold ideas, iteratively. Within the iteration, it's important that teams learn from the past to understand what works and doesn't work, and make adjustments. We will help you develop a process of continuous growth and learning so ideas can build on each other and you can truly transform your organization.
  • Release: Every solution can be made better from testing, even yours. Whether you’re on a strategy project or technology engagement, it’s important to test your deliverables in different ways while you create them. We make sure you're pushing the boundaries of what and how you're testing, as traditional approaches may not apply. And we’ll hold a steady beacon to ensure you are driving toward your outcomes. 

  • Evolve: All engagements have one thing in common: a milestone. Whether it’s a final deliverable or one among many, milestones are moments when you’ve successfully achieved an outcome. Now it’s time to look back to evolve your thinking, reassess your goals and set new ones, and realign your plan to weave in new capabilities. We will leverage facts and various definitions of value to measure outcomes to determine what is the next horizon of capabilities for market advantage.

Operations consulting services 

Build connectivity and agility into your operations to deliver adaptability and sustainable growth.

Powered by our ecosystem of innovative alliance collaborators, our PwC operations consulting community of solvers helps you streamline your entire operations lifecycle to improve existing systems and processes and gain efficiencies with advanced technologies.

Supply chain

Tailor the supply chain to deliver superior customer performance, cost and asset efficiency, resilience, and sustainability.

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Build a supply base with a highly competitive cost and service profile, and turn procurement into a strategic, commercially-focused capability.

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Create competitive advantage by enhancing the global value chain and manufacturing operations within that value chain.

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Product development

Accelerate innovation by rethinking the development operating model, processes, and supporting tools.

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Industry strategy and operations development

Enhance operations strategy by working on the top issues within each sector to translate operational strategy into execution.

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Capital program

Develop capital asset strategy, execute mission-critical capital projects on time and on budget and improve asset performance to achieve cost and service objectives.

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What technology solutions help with operational transformation?

Our alliance relationships combine powerful technology with PwC’s industry and business know-how to create leading solutions — with minimal disruption and maximum impact. Our ecosystem of innovative alliance collaborators and our joint business relationships with operations technology vendors include the leaders in the business.

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PwC’s operations consulting community of solvers offers solutions that weave in tax considerations as well as risk management controls.

Tax considerations help you lower your tax footprint, leverage credits, optimize your legal entity structure and facilitate payments.

Global trade and tariff strategies help you navigate trade uncertainty and improve your trade costs and compliance.

Embedded risk management controls provide early warning systems to help you lower supplier and operational risk.

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