Technology Managed Services

Starting with shared goals and outcomes, we help you grow your business and build your capacity using the strength of our ecosystems and alliances.

Advancing your technology operations

PwC's Technology Managed Services curates the right blend of applications, digital enhancements, cloud computing environments, technology tools and accelerators from an alliance ecosystem that includes AWS, Google, Guidewire, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce and Workday—alongside our own proprietary technology. We help you address challenges and seize opportunities by increasing organizational efficiency, reducing operating costs and driving measurable outcomes.

Don’t go it alone

PwC's Technology Managed Services can help you harness disruption to build agility, speed and process innovation that elevates your performance.

Talent at scale

We deploy our teams at speed when you need them most by helping transform and run your risk operations.

Accelerated technology

We curate the right technology solutions by optimizing your existing assets and introducing new leading edge and established technologies from our ecosystem of alliances.

Industry expertise

Our deep, cross-industry expertise and fresh global perspectives take you beyond execution and help lead the way to sustained outcomes across every part of your business.

Technology managed services offerings

Empower and accelerate your transformational journeys by leveraging advanced technology and industry expertise that helps you become more efficient and competitive in a constantly evolving, digital landscape.

Application evolution

Designed to support, maintain and evolve cloud applications and provide the capabilities and flexibility your organization requires to grow and evolve in an ever-changing environment.

Cloud operations and infrastructure

Deliver cloud capabilities that integrate automation and continuous improvement methods to efficiently support your everyday operations and objectives and further enable outcomes.

Engineering operations

Discover the impact of our engineering operations managed services, customized to suit your specific business requirements. Our extensive range of services ensures consistent support, smooth modernization, and ongoing improvements for both custom and legacy applications, enabling your organization to excel in the digital era.

Data, analytics and insights

Offer industry-specific solutions to derive business insights from structured and unstructured data in a cost-effective manner.

Enterprise testing

Overcome system testing challenges, achieve high-quality outcomes and benefit from our highly-skilled teams, smart shoring model and automation tools for reliable and cost-effective enterprise testing.

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Tony Morgan

Tony Morgan

Principal, Technology Managed Services, PwC US

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Traci Foreman

Principal, Cloud Managed Services, PwC US

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